Your SD Cards may be the best form of external storage for the mobile devices that you own and if you want to do any saving of your pictures or videos or whatever you want to, then you can just use for external storages or the SD Cards for this purpose.

But sometimes, there are many issues related to the things which we use and same can be with the SD Cards as you may have heard the term “Write Protected”. Well, the write protection on the SD Cards is one of the most common issues which the users face in their daily lives.

If you would want to just share any of the pictures or videos or gifs from your SD Cards to your PCs or laptops by a card reader, you might have seen that it doesn’t allow you to do this and the screen of your PC or laptop gets popped-up with a message of “This disk is write-protected”. Write protection is something which doesn’t allow the user to save or transfer data to and from the SD card. This is a very common issue with many of the users and if you too face the same issue, let us tell you how to remove write protection from SD Cards


File Disabling

This fix is the most common fix to remove write protection from SD Cards and many people have tried and actually removed the write-protection from their SD Cards. For this you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Insert your memory card to your PC or laptop.
  2. Right click on the memory card in “My Computer” and click on the option of “Properties” and in there, select the option of ‘Security’ and you will find your account name there.
  3. Now, you will have to change the permissions of your SD Card. You will be provided with a set of options and in them, you can either choose “Read and Write”, “Read and execute” or else, you can choose the option of “Full control”.
  4. This will remove the write protection from your SD Cards easily.

Check if your card reader has a lock

Most of the times, we usually read the contents of an SD Card via a card reader and if you too are doing the same for the purpose of reading content from your SD Card, then let us tell you that most of the times, the card readers and the pen drives come with a lock which doesn’t allow the formatting of an SD Card. So in this case, you should check on the sides of your card reader to whether or not it has any lock or stuff like that which you can unlock and then easily use your SD Card again.